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Divaris Construction is an innovative building company based in the Garden Route.

Why Trust Divaris Construction?

Divaris Construction run by Demetri and Yogi Divaris. Reliable construction service since 1987. We are not just building houses. We are building dreams.

Divaris Construction - Reliable construction service since 1987 with 36 years of industry experience


Years of industry


With our expertise in renovating existing properties to their former glory, we can revitalize even the most compact of spaces resplendently.

From minor tweaks to full-scale reconstructions, we can bring your renovation dreams into a working reality. Let Divaris Construction add some character and style to your spaces that are in need of life, be it the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor deck, or grand pool.

Divaris Construction will help you transform your ordinary areas into marvelous, breathtaking spaces that will surely become the topic of conversation among guests.


Upgrade your property without uprooting the life you love. Divaris Construction understands that a home extension offers an ideal way to keep all that is great about where you live, but still get that much needed extra space.

A home extension connects the new and old in a smooth transition. It's a hassle free solution that lets you experience the change of scenery-without leaving behind the home you have come to love and value.

Regardless of the type of extension you want done, Divaris Construction will handle the project with unmatched dedication and strict attention to detail. We will ensure that the extension respects the style and aesthetic of the existing property.

New homes

At Divaris Construction we are passionate about creating homes with stylish and personalized designs that marry comfort and convenience.

Utilizing your architectural plans Divaris Construction constructs your new home based upon your specifications and desired fixtures and fittings underpinned by a high level of project management expertise, seamless communication, and exceptional attention to detail to ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard.

Divaris Construction understands that meticulous documentation renders precise results, something we deliver with no compromise. With us, you are assured that every build is of unparalleled quality.

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